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ScaleConf will be held on ScaleConf 2023 dates to be confirmed. in the Old Mutual Conference Centre at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

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What you need to know


We love variety, and welcome any talk that tends toward technology or culture in the context of building scalable websites, services, systems, companies, or teams.

Take a look through previous speakers for ideas.


We like speakers to have the control they need around the structure of their talks. The sessions are 45 minutes long, and we'll be there to give time reminders. We advise speakers to leave at least 5 minutes at the end of their talk for questions, but feel free to leave more.

What's on stage

There will be a lectern on stage, which can hold a laptop, and has a microphone attached. There is also a roaming wireless microphone and a lapel microphone available. We will have a MacBook Pro available with Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint installed. We will have connectors available for Mac and PC into the AV system.

The hall is relatively narrow and deep, and so we advise a larger font than usual. Screencasts and live demos can also be difficult for people past the first few rows to see properly but we expect to have screens at the halfway point in the hall. The venue will have good wifi, but we can't guarantee connectivity. For this reason we advise against live demos that require a network.


There will be roughly 400 people at the conference. Since it's single track, almost all of them will be at your talk. The majority of the audience are engineers; developers, operations, devops, sysadmins.

There is a good range of experience from students to the old hats.

Talk submission deadline

CFP closes on 28 November 2019.

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